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So, you want to start a blog.

As a blogger I've seen so many options on how to start your own blog. There's Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, etc.

I've used both Blogger (it's where I started) and a self-hosted Wordpress blog in Bluehost. I can say they are both good but they serve different purposes.

So here's my take on all this:

When it comes down to starting a blog, the most important thing for you to do is to first set an intention for your blog. And then make a decision whether your blog is gonna be a personal blog or a business blog. And if it's a business blog, is your goal to become an influencer, or is your blog going to be a marketing strategy for a business you already have or plan to have?

These are just some of the many pathways you can take on your blogging journey.

But the most important thing is to have clarity on your purpose. Don't worry, there is no right or wrong purpose for a blog.


Since I've used both platforms I can only speak for my experience with using these two. but basically, if you decide to have a personal blog, I'd say go with Blogger. Otherwise, go with Wordpress for everything else.

Blogger is so much easier to use when your goal is to write and write alone. Of course, Blogger has gadgets (widgets) that allow you to customize your blog and add elements like images, html, etc but they are limited. That's because the goal of blogger is pure old school blogging and content.

Now that's a good thing because if you simply wanna write about your thoughts and experiences, you're pretty much set. And did I say free? Yes, blogger is free forever. 

Another thing, if you have a google account, chances are you already have a blogger account. So no need to come up with an email and new password (not that it's a hassle, but it's a little more convenient).

One downside of blogger for me: not so much options as far as theme. But that can be a good thing, because if your focus is to write for personal purposes only (regardless of whether you grow it or not), chances are you won't care much for design. So does it really bother me? Not that much to be honest.

Now since I started my blogger account in 2009, Google has improved some as far as their themes but you can always change the basic color/design of your theme in the settings so it doesn't look like everyone else.

Can you still make money with Blogger?

Honestly I haven't made money with Blogger but there's a way if you want to by turning on your Google adsense, and of course, by placing affiliate links in your blog posts, sidebar, or anywhere in your blog (as long as it's done tastefully without seeming like you're out to sell something). Being an affiliate for different companies that resonates with your blog is one of the ways you can make money as a blogger, so it doesn't matter whether you're on Blogger or Wordpress.

Ok, so there's on starting a personal blog, especially if you don't have experience and you don't have a lot of time learning a new platform and you pretty much just want to go straight to writing.

Now if you're gonna use your blog for side hustle, and intend to make money with it, then I would go with a self-hosted Wordpress blog. I personally use Bluehost for my other blog because it came out cheaper when I purchased the 5 year plan (like $2.75/month).

I like Wordpress for a side hustle blog because you have more options, and it's pretty much a complete Content Management System where you can grow a following through different ways like email, social media, etc.

Pretty much there are a lot of themes (free and premium, although I suggest try free first before purchasing the premium)

With Wordpress you can choose different plugins and have more options for widgets on your sidebar and footbar. Depending the theme you choose, you might even get sliders, featured posts and other extras. So there's a lot of elements to choose from when customizing your Wordpress blog. 

Good to know when using Wordpress:

  • For a beginner, Wordpress can be overwhelming with all the options and there is a learning curve to get over it (although it's not impossible to learn, just need a little more time to invest, that's it). I'm not a newbie Wordpress user but I still struggle with design (I'm not a good designer either) especially when learning a new theme. Even though most are plug and play I still spend a lot of time designing and redesigning my blog every time I change my theme. 
  • Be careful when buying premium themes and plug-ins I know they are nice, but when you're first starting chances are you only have a set budget (especially if you're not making money yet). Then again, growing a business means investing in yourself and your business. 
  • Take your time and take a break especially if it gets too overwhelming. 

An Offer For You...

So now that I showed you the importance of deciding whether to have your blog for personal or side hustle purposes...what have you decided?

If you decided to simply start a personal blog, then I highly encourage you to start your blog with Blogger.

If you decided to start a side hustle blog instead...then let me tell you about this free 5-day email crash course on starting a blogging business.  (affiliate link, thank you) This is the same course I took from Heather and Pete Reese of It's a Lovely Life that prompted me to start my side hustle blog. It's a work in progress, I know.

I highly recommend you take this course first, before you even set up a Wordpress account. Here's why:

If you use their link to sign up for Bluehost, you get free access to their course WP Fast Launch (I believe it's valued at $197) where they show you the quickest and easiest way to set up your Wordpress blog. On top of that, you will be part of a a group where you can post all your Wordpress-related questions and get support from group members, moderators and Heather and Pete themselves. It's different from the free FB group they have for the 5-day email crash course that you will also be a part of.

I mentioned earlier that Wordpress is a learning curve, but if you have support (and a free course to go with it)...then it makes things easier and better. So there. All the support you need to start your side hustle blog.

You're still undecided what kind of business blog you want...

That's ok. You don't need to know what kind of business or niche you're gonna be at.

All you need is to decide whether you want your blog to make money or not. If you opted for a personal blog, going with Blogger means less time for set up and more time for writing.

If you're curious to know what the free 5 day email course is about, then give it a try.

If you still have no idea at this point, take the course anyway and go from there. Life is not a race. You go at your own pace.

And as always, feel free to write to me or comment if you have any questions about your blogging journey.

With Love and Inspired Hustle,



Affiliate disclosure: The 5-day email course is an affiliate link, which means that at no cost to you, I get paid a small commission if you purchase It's a Lovely Life's blogging course through my link. Thank you in advance!

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