About me

Hey, thank you for visiting this page.

I'm Wella and I believe you should write- and it can be in a form of blog, journal, phone app or anything that fits your lifestyle.

Here's why:

1. Writing is Therapy

You ever had those restless thoughts and a racing mind that you just have to slow down? How about a heavy feeling of some type of emotional pain like hurt, anger, or whatever toxic thing it is because it's draining the hell out of your energy. Or you're just excited and you wanna capture the moment? And you wanna talk about all these but somehow you are just scared to be judged for your thoughts?

Well, guess what? Writing is free and it will never hold your word against you.

The only thing is that when you choose the blog option, it is for the world to see and chances are you will get a few reactions- some you might like the others you don't care for.

Well, that's just the nature of the beast. You may attract others, the rest you will repel and the ones you repel will be ruthless. Who the fuck cares?

Writing is therapy. Your therapy and to hell with what they think.

2. Writing is meditation

When you meditate, you somehow are in this trance- a place where no one else is. A place where you watch your thoughts come and go. A place where nothing else matters except you,  the pen, the paper or your computer. Writing slows you down and sometimes, that is what we need.

3.  Writing is self-care.

And self-care is necessary. My dear, take care of yourself not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Start writing your thoughts. You will feel much better about it I guarantee you.

The thing is, self-care is overrated that sometimes it's taken at a different context. Like spending money in a spa, "retail therapy"...going on all these trips/adventures around the world and while all these are good, there's nothing like good old self-reflection.

So choose one self-care activity that's good for you and fits your need and stick with it. And if that self-care activity is  a peaceful, 10-minute shower, then so be it.

Why this blog?

I've been blogging for years and writing for longer than that.  A year ago, I made an attempt to become an influencer and start one of those business blogs.

 I was consumed by some "ideal audience" or "avatar" I learned I was supposed to have and that all my writings should be to them- whether to educate, inspire or entertain them.

And I still think it to be true..except I lost my voice in the process and eventually realized I don't have an audience.

I never moved forward simply because I was trying to figure out out what this imaginary ideal audience was, I kept changing my mind about what to write about.

But then I read "The Writer's Manifesto" by Jeff Goines and it changed my perspective about writing. We writers chase fame and followers a lot to we forget why we write in the first place...and I love when he said  "writers cannot not write".

Dammit. And that was my aha moment. I chased blog followers, email lists, blog comments, likes, shares and all these extras that I've forgotten the number one reason why I write.

So I'm falling back in love with writing once again.

Because to me, writing is therapeutic, meditative, and a form of self-care.

This blog doesn't intend to teach you life lessons but if does....thank you very much.
This blog doesn't intend to inspire you but if it does....thank you again.
Lastly, this blog does not intend to entertain you but if in some form or another you laugh, cry, get angry or it takes you to some emotional roller coaster ride...enjoy it.

This is my personal blog, a place to "brain dump" my thoughts.

Simply, it's my world...in words.




  1. Hi Wella Miss you.. I really admire your writing skills since our hs days. I can still remember how you awe me by one of your writings regarding our teacher.. I wont mention her name.. Your a real friend to me and continue inspiring others thru your great works.. Take care and stay safe.. ❤️ 😍
    Dr. Vivien Magonles-Villanueva

  2. Doktora Vivien! Salamat! Look how far you’ve come...now a bonafide dr and entrepreneur. I appreciate your comment. And when I get home I need to schedule and appointment with you! Keep inspiring as well



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