This 2023...Focus on What Brings Joy to Your Soul

Sunday, January 29, 2023

2022 was an eventful year for me. From having a baby to my struggles as a full-time working mom- both at work, my business, and my personal life- there are many realizations along the way. But when it comes down to it, I realize that there's only one overarching lesson that persists through it all and that in whatever situation I'm in, every decision I come across, I make sure that I'm choosing to do things that bring joy to my soul.

You see, life is too short to make decisions that may serve everybody around you but to the expense of your already full plate and draining mental health. This is not to be selfish; I am saying so that you can always live a life that is true to yourself, which is what matters most at the end of the day and your life.

Before the end of the year, I found out that I got selected for a new position closer to where I live. And while I resisted for a long time to make changes in my work life, mainly because I like where I work and my kids(and I) are happy in their school and daycare despite the long, grueling 6-hour daily drives, I couldn't help but tell myself there must be something better than this lifestyle we've been on for years. But I was scared to make the change because it might make things too uncomfortable for my kids, and I was worried. 

But then I also knew deep inside that kids are resilient and that a change of school and daycare may devastate them initially, but they only have new experiences and friends to look forward to after all's been said and done. And they still get to keep their old friends, thanks to the beautiful world of technology. 

And why am I willing to change? I realized that while things are comfortable, deep inside, I'm hanging on to dear life to keep my sanity and health intact. I was tired. Exhausted. My mood is a rollercoaster. And I'm effing tired of trying to catch up and survive. Because of the drive, I don't have time (sometimes even to shower) to do it all over again. And for what? A micro-manager who knows nothing of your job and yet chooses to be involved in every tiny specific detail that has nothing to do with his management.

So, there's my first rant for this year.

And this year, I decided to focus on things that bring me joy...writing, spending time with family, sleeping, unapologetically getting massages, and flushing toxic people out of my life. I also just started the NP program, so I will be busy. 

A lot of changes in my blog/biz/coaching life. I'm taking a break from coaching for now as it takes so much energy.  As a mental health nurse, I feel emotionally, physically, and mentally drained from helping clients. While I feel good seeing their transformation as they process their trauma, coaching does entail you bring your whole self to the table, and it wouldn't be fair if I'm only half-ass coaching them. 

This year, I will focus on what nourishes my exhausted soul the most: bringing my creativity through writing, journaling, and journal-making. In fact, I already have one journal published in Amazon and many more to come. You can check it out here.

Ok, that's all for now.



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