Monday, January 28, 2019

I turned 36 two weeks ago...it was uneventful but otherwise memorable. It was quiet and peaceful, spent with only the people that truly cared about me and vice versa. Mr. S bought a huge chocolate cake from Costco, I was actually quite impressed (with him and the quality of the cake, knowing it's store-bought not customized). Well, I was impressed with him, kind of made me realize I'm on the right path as far as relationship goes. We've been together for more than a year now, known each other for longer than that. Fell for him at a time when I wasn't expecting to feel any type of way towards him. I'm still surprised how far we've come when I look back at our story.

As always, being 36 does not feel any less than being 18, which happens to be half the age. Except for the occasional fatigue and body pain, I think physically I'm doing good. Mind you, I pushed a five pound baby out of my maternally advanced body two weeks before my birthday. I'm actually proud of myself for that.

the best gift of being 36? Two years ago I was in a very dark place as I was trying to roll with the changes in my life and figure out my next move. I once read in O magazine, that the moment you decided to make a change in your life that's when it all starts to become messy. Oh, it was more than messy. But here I am, two years later holding the one good thing that came out of all the mess. Makes me realize all the things good and bad that I went through somehow led me to her. That somehow she was just waiting on me to take the steps, one day at a time. I call her my silver lining. We all have them.  It's a daily reminder that it's worth forgiving ourselves and we should do it more often.

Bella :-)


  1. Between my sister and her husband they are mixed with pretty much everything, so we were curious how each of her kids would look and they are all so different. The oldest is darker with black curly hair, the middle is very light skinned with almost blonde hair, and the newborn has super dark hair but his skin is kind of in between the other two. I'm sure they will all have those same moments at some point of wishing something was different about them, but of course I think they're all perfect!

    1. I would love to see such beautiful family ❤️ I agree they’re all different but perfect!



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