3 Toxic Mom Myths You Need To Break Away From Right Now

Friday, April 29, 2022


Hey momma!


Did you ever get caught up with those Unrealistc Super Mommy goals? I know I did at some point. I gotta admit it’s always a struggle.


But lemme tell you about these 3 toxic myths that you break away from, especially when you just had a baby, whether you’re a brand new mom or you just had baby #7.


As the popular saying goes, “you are your worst enemy and best asset” so it’s time to align that mindset.


Myth #1: You will get your body back in X amount of time. You just need to wait and kill yourself every day at the treadmill.


It’s time to give yourself that grace and embrace that mombod you got. Regardless of what it looks like remember you just literally grew a human that you either pushed out of your vajay or had somebody cut you open.


Healthy is always better than skinny. If you know you are taking care of yourself, you’re not getting sick, you’re getting your wine on I mean green juice, then seriously stop obsessing over your voluptuous, stretch marks-fested new and improve body of yours.


I had someone ask me 3 months after I had this handsome boy why my tummy is still big. I’m like B*$tch please, it’s been 30-something years since your last one and yours still worse than mine. *drop the mic



Myth # 2: Motherhood is enjoyable.


If you’re not enjoying being a mom then so be it. Be curious about it, explore it and accept that you feel that way. No need to add this to your list of #reasons why you have mom guilt.


That’s why you go see a shrink, pop a Prozac, get your wine and move on. Ok I know it’s not always that ideal. But it’s ok to not enjoy this role of being a mom. It’s not ok to neglect your mental health.


Myth # 3: Breastfeeding is best.


I breastfeed my baby and supplement with formula. Why? Because I’m not a milk factory and my body can’t make enough milk to match his needs. He’s growing like crazy.


Some moms can’t breastfeed for certain reasons. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe it’s just hard. And that’s ok. Again, no need to put that in your #momguiltlist


But just as there are so many reasons why moms can’t do it, so is the judgment. To be honest, as long as your baby is fed, that’s all that matters. Ain't nobody gonna call child protective services on you just cuz your boobies ain't hanging out feeding your baby 24/7.


Why is believing in these 3 myths problematic?


Because believing in these 3 myths will cripple you from being the mom you wanna be. Your

confidence gets affected, you don't seek guidance, and then…you know. #momguilt.


As someone who’s been through this 3 times plus all the stepkids I’m blessed with, I’ve been there. But as someone who helps other moms like me, I’ve seen breakthrough after breakthrough and I know that it’s not difficult. Just people don’t have the right support when it comes to #momwellness and #momselfcare.


They get advice from people who have their own opinion of them, then they start thinking they’re not good enough.


The bottom line is if you wanna be a good mom then just stop comparing yourself for once. You are the standard. Take heart and don’t doubt yourself for a second.


P.S. Tbh, I go off and yell at my kids when their unmedicated, sugarized behinds are all over the place. But then again, I’m just a mom tryna get through the day. Who loves her kids with all her existence..that’s all!






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