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Friday, May 13, 2022

I did something extreme just very recently. Actually, I had this epiphany that finally came to terms with me when I finally let go and shared this with the Universe and my excellent mentor and biz coach last week. 

Side note: The coach I hired works with women transitioning their idea into a business, and I love how she specializes in helping you overcome fear. IMO fear seems too basic, yet everyone gets set back by fear and anxiety at some point. And sometimes, it’s easier to tell yourself to just get over this fear rather than actually getting over it.

Let me share a quick background: For the past few years, I’ve transitioned from becoming a health/life coach to a blogger, then back to coaching then blogging again without having much clarity on who I am helping, what I’m helping, that person with and why help her to begin with.

But then this idea in my head keeps getting louder and louder. I have been working on a group coaching program for the past 3-4 months, and I’ve put a lot of effort into it. As much as I feel aligned with the program itself because it is “me,” I still feel something is missing.

Anyways, this may shock you, so prepare yourself.

Whenever something big happens in my life or business, I HAVE to tell my readers.

This epiphany is something that really matters to me… so here I am, sharing this with you!

… Are you ready for it?

I’m taking a break from coaching.

There. I said it.

Before you start unsubscribing or throwing eggs at me, let me explain myself! I have a perfect reason behind why I decided to take a break from it.

It may go against my purpose, but here’s why I did it:

I know and absolutely believe that my passion and purpose lie in creating meaningful connections with women, especially moms like me but I feel like I’m on the wrong platform and somehow doing it the “misaligned” way.

So instead of coaching them, I want to celebrate them.

With this decision, I want to provide a platform for you, strong mom, to share your own unique story, dreams, visions, etc. w judgment or worry over wine, coffee, tea, or even freshly infused alkaline water! 

Note: I’ve always believed there’s truth in wine, and there’s something about it that allows you to relax and overcome your inhibitions. Eventually, the truth comes out when you finally feel that nothing is holding you back in your body.

Here's the thing.

I have listened to countless podcasts celebrating 6-figure-earner go-getter moms, whether they are staying at home raising kids or building their career and side hustle at the same time. I get it. They work their ass. They have connections. And that is good. Make money. Hell yes.

But I have never heard the story of the mom who is struggling to achieve what little or huge dream she has. Is this you? If so, I want to know about you, regardless of how much money you have in your bank account, whether you’re hustling or not. Whether you are starting your business, in the middle of it, or don’t’ care much for the entrepreneur life. If you have a hobby you are super passionate about, please share so.

I want to know how you’re changing diapers while setting your alarm clock @ 1:45 PM so you can take a quick 20-minute nap before you pick up your first grader with your 6-month baby in tow, all the while spending the last $20 of your budget on a Canva template tutorial so you can sell some digital products in Etsy without your so-called well-meaning family members or friends ever realizing it for fear of judgment.

I want to know how you’re waking up at 4:30 am to prep your kid’s snack, get them ready for daycare while you make time for your morning coffee, shit, and shower routine, and be out the door to beat the traffic at 5:45 am, bracing yourself for the 1.5-hour drive ahead.

I want to know how you made plans on Friday night to wake up @ 5 am on a Saturday to do some much needed Saturday morning self-care routine as it’s plastered all over your IG feed, telling you how you need that time because it is good for you (and I agree)…only to be woken up by a ready to go toddler asking you to go to the beach @ 4:59 AM.

I want to provide a sacred space for you to be vulnerable and casually ask yourself: “Will I ever get there?” There- which mean different things to different people. “There” can be a restful, uninterrupted sleep. “There" can be a business breakthrough or a profit goal you have yet to achieve. “There” can be your first sale in your business. There can simply be nailing your morning routine so your first grader can finally show up on time to school.

Because it’s ok to doubt yourself sometimes.

I doubt myself too.

I doubt myself while writing this. Is this something that the world needs? Another place to vent?

Maybe by expressing yourself (or venting, as you may call it), you are actually helping another soul, say, on the other side of the world or street?

Maybe by sharing your truth and becoming as authentic as you are in a casual convo over wine or tea or whatever, you are inspiring the next person to accept the frustrations of her life so she may learn to thrive in them instead of resisting them?

After all, this is simply an idea. But if you like it, and if you have a story you wanna share (every story I believe is worth sharing no matter how uneventful you think it is), will you let me know?

Hit reply/comment and share your brief story so you can be the first (or one of the first) in my list of amazing moms ready to share their truth.

Can’t wait!

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