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Monday, June 14, 2021


     I don't normally write reviews for things I use, and I did not intend to convert my blog into a review site but hey, if this is where it goes eventually, then so be it. This is my world, so to speak. Wella's World. And I intend to share my world with my readers: what makes me tick, what aggravates me, what makes me smile, what I'm doing, my guilt and shame days, my hopes, my dreams to work from home as a nurse possibly doing some case management gig, or my other dream to be a real estate guru with a seven-figure blog...and my mistakes that haunt me to this day no matter how often I forgive myself (everyday, at the very least). So when I decided to do a little self-care to free myself a couple hours (so I can do more painful things like write this 15 page research paper for school), I thought why not have some laundry service?

    This isn't my idea to begin with, I was listening to Kate Northrup's audiobook Do Less where she teaches women, us, how to be more of who we are by doing less. Meaning, to simplify our lives. Now isn't that a grand idea? But to be honest, it's easier said than done. 


    OK so going back to, of course, my Sudshare experience. In one of her experiments she talked about delegating things so that you can do prioritize what's really important...something like that. For example, subscribe to a laundry service. And I thought to myself: That is exactly what I need! I effing hate doing laundry. My whole weekend is spent doing laundry. Even on weekdays I do laundry. And it would be nice to have someone do my laundry once and for all. But I also knew it was an expensive service.


    But then a long time ago I told myself that I will never tell myself I can't afford something. Even though I know having someone do your laundry seems like luxury, I asked myself: How can I afford it?


     Enter Sudshare. Thank you, Google. They charge $1/lb. It doesn't seem much but when you're on a tight budget feeding 4 hungry people 3x daily, that's something. OK, I will try. Maybe, we will just skip eating out for one or two nights (even though with our on-the-go lifestyle it's a necessity) and eat leftover and ramen noodles. 


     If you haven't heard of this wonderful service, Sudshare is like Uber or Doordash for laundry. And they are amazing. Well, at least the sudsters who have been doing my laundry so far. The first time, I didn't really know what to expect. I downloaded the app, scheduled pick-up. It took me about 3 minutes because I kept changing my mind between what detergent to use: Tide, Kirkland or hypoallergenic? I went with Tide/Kirkland because that's what we use at home. 


    Pick up is before 8 pm same day, but you will have a better estimate of the pick up time after a sudster pick up your job and notify you what time they will be there. They have up to 24 hours to wash your laundry and deliver it back to your home sweet home. Isn't it amazing? In their FAQ, they have until 8 pm the following day to return your nice, freshly washed and folded clothes. Sudshare authorizes $60 on your card once you place your order, but the final charge will be depending on how many lbs your clothes weigh after they have been washed, folded and placed in bags. They charge an extra $8 for blankets, so I usually just wash blankets and towels myself.


    The first time I used Sudshare, a sudster named Ashley picked up my laundry. She was communicative the whole time, and delivered our clothes back about the same time she picked up the day before. The second time I used the service, a sudster named Kattie even blew my mind. She picked up and delivered my clean laundry in only a few hours like 3, maybe 4 hours. I didn't expect my laundry to be back until the next day, to be honest.



    I think for $1/lb Sudshare is definitely worth it. It saves you so much time especially if you'r a busy mom, whether working somewhere, working at home or even stay at home. In fact, I would highly recommend the especially for stay at home moms. You already work 24/7 with not much rest and you deserve a good downtime where you are doing absolutely NOTHING unless it's watching some murder-for-hire Netflix Series. 


    I actually started budgeting laundry service (of course, compromising some luxuries like...IDK) once every payday so I can catch up on things. I still do the laundry regularly of course (and my partner too) but once or twice a month, we give ourselves a little break. 


    If you're still on edge, or at the very least curious about the service, go ahead and use my referral code so you can get $10 (10 lbs) worth of laundry done for free, and I will get $10 too so thank you for making my day! If you like it, good. If not, trust me, you don't ever have to have them do your laundry, again. Please remember you're also supporting your a small business out there, your sudster so make sure to tip them if you like their service :-)


P.S. And here's for before and after pics!

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