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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Hi awesome reader!

 I hope you’re doing well. As for me, I’m currently recovering from Covid, and it is a pain.

Although I can say that most of my symptoms have subsided (headache, chills, fatigue, muscle and body ache, still have a nasty cough with phlegm plus diarrhea), id says the virus still took a toll on me I’m still feeling tired.

On a lighter note, having Covid kinda pushed me to really slow things down a little and just breathe (literally). Yes, I would still get irritated because our neglected home looked like a pig pen. And sometimes, I feel I am only half rested because we have five kids isolating with us (two are newborns).

But at the end of the day, I’m happy to not be at work at the moment while recovering and watching all the Netflix series I can (hello, true crime documentaries!) and binge-watch my guilty-pleasure-don’t judge-me-reality show: Cheaters lol.

Ok, so now I’m just blabbing, lol.

An Invitation for You:

Every two weeks (starting Sunday, Aug 14th @ 6 PM PST), I lead a wellness lounge/meeting for women looking to become a healthier and more balanced version of themselves.

From Chaos to Connected Tribe: Your Wellness Journey is about finding the right balance between work and play, diet and exercise, self-care and self-improvement, fitness and flexibility.

In this tribe, we are dedicated to improving your life and helping each other do the same. It’s a safe place where you can talk about your struggles and receive advice from people who want to see you succeed.

The group is about finding your true self, expressing it, and helping others do the same.

Are you ready to join? For only $1, you get to trial different tribes like Spiritual Development Essentials, Align by Design (which teaches human design), Restore Your Inner Money Guru (one of my faves, I’m an active member), and many other tribes of special interest.

Check out From Chaos to Connected Tribe here, and let me know...will I see you on August 14th @ 6 PM PST?

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